Golden State of MindCast: Durant injury: Warriors battle towards end of season with nothing guaranteed

Nate, Ivan, and Bram are here for you. Listen along as they giggle their way through the NBA news, the world news, and whatever else news is out there. 

Annotated list of things we covered:

0:30 – Catching up on all the things we covered. 

1:00 – “I’m a free man, at least for now.” Why Bram listens to talk radio. Things are already off the rails. 

6:40 – Nate’s bad GameThread twitter headline. 

11:00 – Timing of injuries, and timing of shooting slumps. 

21:15 – Steph starting to look like Steph?

23:00 – MCCAW!!!

31:00 – Nate and Bram share a lawn. Ivan needs to get off it. 

46:00 – Seriously, we talked about McCaw for a REALLY long time. 

47:00 – MVP race. 

56:00 – Ivan tried to wrap this thing up, to no avail, because Bram brags about the facebook page.