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Golden State of MindCast: Understanding the NBA through the prism of the league’s best team

The crew is back in town, taking a long look at the NBA through the prism of the league’s most talented squad. What can we learn by watching different teams battle the Warriors?

1:50 – Talking about the Portland Trailblazers, especially the Festus Ezeli signing. Comparing the loss of Ezeli to the loss of Harrison Barnes and Andrew Bogut.

7:00 – Warriors dodged a bullet with all three of those players, somehow ended up with Durant.

10:00 – “People don’t care about the human side of sports anymore.” – Nate Parham and his hot takes.

14:00 – Nate wishes the Warriors hadn’t gotten KD and misses Mark Jackson. [Note: not actually true, but I did try and trick him into saying something hot.]

19:30 – Would Portland ever be able to sign a marquee free agent to pair with Damian Lillard and C.J. McCollum?

23:45 – “Durant could have been the centerpiece of this Blazers team for the past 10 years.” “That’s just cruel and unusual punishment.”

24:00 – The biggest “what if” in the room. Now I’m just sad about Greg Oden.

26:00 – I make a case why the 2016-17 Golden State Warriors are exactly like the HBO show “High Maintenance” which is about a weed delivery guy in NYC.

30:00 – The drama of the Knicks. Why didn’t Carmelo Anthony get more excited for the Warriors game?

33:30 – Are we all in agreement that Phil Jackson is really terrible for the Knicks? What’s going on with that dude? Is he out of touch with the modern NBA (and life in general)?

42:30 – One sentence from each of us. “If you could improve the Warriors with personnel moves, what would you do?” “Varejao and MacAdoo for Cousins.” [insane cackling]

50:50 – How far have our alien overlords gone to test our ability to suspend belief? I blame Ohio.

Happy Holidays you guys!