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Golden State of MindCast: Who will be “the man” on the Warriors when Durant returns?

The Mindcast crew is back and better than ever. Follow along as they giggle their way through a spirited basketball (mostly) conversation.

[Annotated list of things we covered]

0:10 – Bram has no idea Ivan has already started recording and relays a funny story about dropping the mic, so to speak.

2:15 – WHOOOOOA!

2:25 – Spurs game recap. Going down huge and battling back.

6:00 – Nate definitely watched the game naked in a sauna.

11:00 – The Warriors have really been themselves again these last nine games. Playing fearlessly, with a chip on their shoulder. Stephen Curry is really leading the team, much as he did during the 14-15 WGBC season.

15:30 – How many years will it take for us to stop throwing shade at Harrison Barnes? [I’m guessing at least another five full seasons. Obviously we are scarred.]

17:00 – We are super professional.

23:00 – Who is “the man” on the team, and when Durant returns, will he take a back seat to Curry as the team hits the playoffs?

24:45 – A sneaky admission.

28:50 – “This is gonna sound terrible. Luckily no one is actually listening to this…” says Nate, before slandering Durant.

31:30 – Kevin Durant might be a “ball stopper,” but at least he’s the best ball stopper in the league.

35:00 – Spending way too much time saying the word “SLUUUMP.” Again, we are super professional.

37:00 – Let’s talk about the schedule and try to figure out just when Kevin Durant will return. Could it be April 8th?

51:00 – Nate wants to meet the Clippers in the playoffs and HULKSMASH them in four games. Heck, make it in three. Nate’s vision of how the playoffs will go is straight up amazing.

54:00 – “This Westbrook season has been a waste of time.”

58:00 – MVP discussion.