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Golden State of MindCast: Will Steve Kerr’s absence hurt his legacy?

Ivan is a Steve Kerr hater. Bram obviously has to put him in his place. We discuss that and much more on the latest episode of Golden State of Mindcast!

Annotated list of topics covered:

0:50 – Apparently I’m an “excitable lad.”

1:00 – The Warriors crushed the Trail Blazers.

2:30 – Did we jinx the Clippers for the second year in a row?!

5:50 – I can’t pronounce Joe Ingles’ name.

8:45 – Doc Rivers needs to be removed as “Captain” of the “Clippers.”

9:15 “Imagine Steve Ballmer in a made-for-TV rendition of the poem, The Rime of the Ancient Mariner.”

11:25 – Let’s talk about basketball that actually matters.

13:45 – Rudy Gobert vs. Draymond Green potential matchup. Really, I’m more excited about Gobert vs. JaVale Mcgee.

17:30 – Ivan’s cue to cut me off from speaking.

19:15 – “Huh, Joe Johnson plays for the Utah Jazz? That’s weird.”

21:20 – People hate Radiohead?

28:00 – Potential Warriors vs. Utah match-ups.

33:50 – Addressing the Steve Kerr situation.

37:00 – Ivan, maybe kinda thinks the players might have more control on the court under Mike Brown.

40:00 – I’m obviously in love with Kerr.

41:30 – Ivan is super anti-Kerr and I hate him for it. Also, he says the word “optics” a lot.

45:40 – Suddenly we are ranting about “Jeb” York, for some reason.

55:02 – “[Kerr] just stepped into a situation that was awesome. Mark Jackson built this thing.” “Oh man, I just wanna murder everybody.”

1:00:00 – Could the Warriors have won a championship under Stan Van Gundy, if they didn’t hire Kerr?

1:02:45 “Charisma and Balls.”