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GoldenStateOfMind.com’s very own Nate Parham, Bram Kincheloe, and Ivan Bettger breakdown anything from recent games to roster moves to rumor with a fresh and unique perspective on life, basketball, and all things Golden State Warriors.


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Ivan and Nate couldn’t make it, so I brought David MacKay and Dan Marang on to the pod from Blazer’s Edge. We had a blast, talking about the upcoming first round battle, as well as the soul of Portland, the future of the Trail Blazers, and much, much more. Ivan and Nate couldn’t make it, so I brought David MacKay and Dan Marang on to the pod from Blazer’s Edge. We had a blast, talking about the upcoming first round battle, as well as the soul of Portland, the future of the Trail Blazers, and much, much more. 1:00 - Excited for playoffs? Apparently they aren’t. 2:30 - If Russell Westbrook has a 30-10-10 game, his averages would literally GO DOWN. Oh my, I think my brain exploded. 3:30 - Previewing the first round. It’s time for Blazers vs. Warriors, part two! Who are we going to see in the starting lineup for the Blazers in Game 1? 4:13 - Jusuf Nurkic back for Game

Ivan sadly could not make this pod, so we called up our good buddy David Naylor, from Canis Hoopus, to talk some hoops. Because Ivan was gone, things obviously went a little haywire. IVAAAAAAN! DON’T LEAVE US TO OUR OWN DEVICES!!!!! So, I apologize for the slight distortion on my voice, I had my mic input up way too high and didn’t realize until we’d already recorded. My bad. Also, I apologize for all the bad jokes and meandering conversations. Let’s get to it!  

The Mindcast crew is back and better than ever. Follow along as they giggle their way through a spirited basketball (mostly) conversation. [Annotated list of things we covered] 0:10 - Bram has no idea Ivan has already started recording and relays a funny story about dropping the mic, so to speak. 2:15 - WHOOOOOA! 2:25 - Spurs game recap. Going down huge and battling back. 6:00 - Nate definitely watched the game naked in a sauna. 11:00 - The Warriors have really been themselves again these last nine games. Playing fearlessly, with a chip on their shoulder. Stephen Curry is really leading the team, much as he did during the 14-15 WGBC season. 15:30 - How many years will it take for us to stop throwing shade at Harrison Barnes? [I’m guessing at least another five full seasons. Obviously we are scarred.] 17:00 - We are super professional. 23:00 - Who is “the man” on the team, and when Durant returns, will he take a back seat to Curry

Nate, Ivan, and Bram are here for you. Listen along as they giggle their way through the NBA news, the world news, and whatever else news is out there.  Annotated list of things we covered: 0:30 - Catching up on all the things we covered.  1:00 - "I'm a free man, at least for now." Why Bram listens to talk radio. Things are already off the rails.  6:40 - Nate's bad GameThread twitter headline.  11:00 - Timing of injuries, and timing of shooting slumps.  21:15 - Steph starting to look like Steph? 23:00 - MCCAW!!! 31:00 - Nate and Bram share a lawn. Ivan needs to get off it.  46:00 - Seriously, we talked about McCaw for a REALLY long time.  47:00 - MVP race.  56:00 - Ivan tried to wrap this thing up, to no avail, because Bram brags about the facebook page.   

Dan Marang and David MacKay of SB Nation's Blazer's Edge joins Ivan Bettger to preview the matchup between the Warriors and Blazers. We discuss the "snub" of Damian Lillard and CJ McCollum, Portland's conundrum of roster construction and payroll, potential targets for the trade deadline, and how they plan to defend the potent Warriors arsenal. 

This week we discuss the fan catharsis of a big victory over the Cleveland Cavaliers. We also lament the oddities of the Chase Center groundbreaking pageant, Draymond Green's maturity, and preview Wednesday's battle with the Oklahoma City Thunder.

The crew is back in town, taking a long look at the NBA through the prism of the league’s most talented squad. What can we learn by watching different teams battle the Warriors? 1:50 - Talking about the Portland Trailblazers, especially the Festus Ezeli signing. Comparing the loss of Ezeli to the loss of Harrison Barnes and Andrew Bogut. 7:00 - Warriors dodged a bullet with all three of those players, somehow ended up with Durant. 10:00 - “People don’t care about the human side of sports anymore.” - Nate Parham and his hot takes. 14:00 - Nate wishes the Warriors hadn’t gotten KD and misses Mark Jackson. [Note: not actually true, but I did try and trick him into saying something hot.] 19:30 - Would Portland ever be able to sign a marquee free agent to pair with Damian Lillard and C.J. McCollum? 23:45 - “Durant could have been the centerpiece of this Blazers team for the past 10 years.” “That’s just cruel and unusual

3:00 - Draymond Green, Defensive Player of the Year (talking about those two blocks). 5:30 - Voter fatigue and how it relates to Stephen Curry’s MVP candidacy. 6:00 - People hate things that are good for them. 7:45 - Kevin Durant’s better-than-advertised defense for the Warriors, especially from the weak side. 13:20 - Will the Warriors have the best offense of all time once the season is said and done? We compare them to the 2002-03 Utah Jazz, a team that somehow included Karl Malone, John Stockton, Mark Jackson (yup, that Mark Jackson), and Deshawn Stevenson (looooool, what a wacky, strange locker room that must have been). Also, shoutout Jarron Collins! 17:00 - Bram makes a horrible Vince Vaughn reference and then refuses to edit anything out. 19:00 - After Ivan mentions Zaza Pachulia, Bram somehow goes on a very long, profanity-laced dive down the rabbit hole of Zsa Zsa Gabor’s wikipedia page. FEEL FREE TO SKIP THIS PART, I ONLY KEPT IT IN FOR ALL

1:15 - Cruise control? How are the Warriors approaching games? 6:00 - Do the regular season games even matter? 8:00 - Who are the Warriors? 10:30 - Were Harrison Barnes and Andrew Bogut sacrificial lambs to get rid of the burn of "3-1"? 18:30 - Klay Thompson, and his defense/offense 29:00 - Can we start scoring games based on how far away you shot the ball? 34 points for 34 feet? 32:30 - Election of Kevin Durant as best third guy in the nation 34:00 - Every night with the Warriors is super different

The Golden State of Mindcast crew is back! Well, sort of. Nate Parham had to sit this one out, but we were very happy to welcome GSoM credentialed writer Andrew Flohr onto the pod. We had a blast catching up and discussing the Warriors’ first (hectic/confusing) week of the season. Annotated list of our conversation: 1:30 - First games of the season. Thoughts? 8:00 - It only took a few minutes for Bram to take a wild, unnecessary veer away from the topic at hand 9:15 - Warriors offense: “Let them play?” 12:25 - Team tense. Hot take alert: ESPN = FBI? 16:00 - Requisite Draymond Green conversation 21:00 - Zaza Pachulia vs. Andrew Bogut 24:30 - Will Kevon Looney or Damian Jones make a difference this season? 28:20 - How much did the Warriors actually change? 32:20 - Andrew’s view of arena/media scrum at Oracle for each home game 34:30 - “2016 Bloggers: It’s a great place to be!”

The Mindcasters sat down with Eli Horowitz, Vanderbilt alum and poundingtherock.com writer for an offseason fireside chat. We discussed the Spurs' offseason, including Tim Duncan's retirement and legacy. Eli also gave us the deep scouting report on Damian Jones, the Warriors' 1st round draft pick center. All that and more!

The Mindcast crew tries to assess the damage after Kevin Durant agrees to join the Golden State Warriors to create possibly the best NBA team ever assembled. How do perennial underdog Warrior fans deal with rooting for the Evil Empire? What comes next for the league? And should we really bring back David Lee?

After giving ourselves some time to heal after Game 7 heartbreak, the Mindcast crew realizes that, no, we haven't healed — so let's move on and talk 2016 NBA free agency. Will the Warriors get Kevin Durant? How has the Harrison Barnes equation changed? Are the Warriors already planning to move on from Andrew Bogut and toward the future with a completely revamped roster? And what new ways will we find to ridicule the Lakers? All that and more!

We welcomed Ryan Mourton (aka, the King of Salt) from Fear the Sword on to the podcast to talk all things Warriors vs. Cavaliers. Somehow, we also managed to discuss Ryan's adventures in Snapchat, how the Warriors are "corny," and the upcoming convention in Cleveland and how that will impact the city. Enjoy! Annotated talking points: :24 - "We have nothing planned." 1:00 - Ryan gloats about Game 3 5:00 - How does Kevin Love fit into this series, even if healthy? 8:25 - A deeper question about northeastern Ohio 14:00 - Context of the Warriros being bad for such a long time 21:30 - Bram's "Giver" reference falls flat because Ryan doesn't read books 22:30 - Stephen Curry's level of play through Game 3 29:50 - Warriors capable of "really, really off games" 35:00 - Cavs' historic lineup with Shaun Livingston, Mo Speights, Luke Walton, Kyrie Irving, and Wayne Ellington 36:50 - Steve Kerr as "Speight whisperer" 39:00 - "Random hatred keeps you honest" 39:45 - Previewing Game 4 43:40 - Ranch dressing. HOW