Inside The Cylinder Ep. 1: Welcome to Inside The Cylinder, your home for all things Detroit Pistons

In Inside The Cylinder’s premier episode co-hosts David Fernandez and Joey Mack introduce you to themselves, and explain that they, like you, are just as saddened with the current state of DETROIT BASKETBALL. They’ll talk the current state of the team while taking a deeper dive into some of their past few games, looking at some of the positives, some of the negatives, and whatever else might have caught their eye during the contests.

David and Joey will also discuss some of Detroit’s recent defensive woes, looking more into how teams are scoring so many points against the Pistons. They’ll explain a bit more about how teams are lighting it up from three, and the massive scoring quarters plenty of teams have put up against Detroit.

Since Stan Van Gundy is obviously listening in on this one, David and Joey share their thoughts on some coaching errors, strange line-ups, and some ideas on how to improve this team moving forward.

If you like the Detroit Pistons or NBA, then you’ve found the right podcast!