Inside The Cylinder Ep. 20: Recapping the NBA Finals, Kevin Durant’s legacy and off-season moves!

This week’s episode of Inside The Cylinder features fellow Almighty Baller Network compatriot, The SuperFlight’s, Joe Borelli- NBA Extraordinaire.

David and Joe discuss the following NBA Topics.

  • Recapping the NBA season, playoffs, and finals.
  • Kevin Durant’s move to the Warriors and what that means for his legacy in totality.
  • Are the Warriors and Cavaliers a good thing for the NBA? There’s a lot of angles to this discussion point, Joe and Dave do not hold back.
  • This IS a Detroit Pistons podcast after all- What exactly are the Pistons planning on doing in the upcoming NBA Draft? Will there be a blockbuster trade for a particular Cleveland Cavalier?
  • Also, let’s talk some Sixers! They’re one of the more exciting up and coming teams in the league, and Joe knows best.

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