Inside The Cylinder: Ep. 3 – The Curious Case of the Pistons

In this week’s episode, Joey and David discuss the following Detroit Pistons topics:

  • Take a deeper dive into the back-up SG/SF position. Who should be getting the bulk of those minutes, Reggie Bullock or Stanley Johnson? If both, Pistons are then running a 10-man rotation, is that too many guys?
  • What’s it going to be Stan Van Gundy? Are we going to roll with Tobias Harris in the starting line-up, or Jon Leuer? Either way, the Pistons are past the halfway point. It’s time to decide.
  • Lastly, Joey and David will discuss if and when it would be appropriate to play your third-stringers, looking at you Boban Marjanovic and Beno Udrih.

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