Inside The Cylinder Ep. 4: KCP on Fire (!!!) and More Trade Scenarios?

In this week’s episode Joey and David discuss the following Detroit Pistons topics!

  • Recap from the Pistons last couple games, including the New Orleans Pelicans game where Kentavious Caldwell-Pope caught fire for 38 points!
  • David and Joey will take a deeper dive into trade scenarios. Specifically looking at trade options for Detroit’s point guard, Reggie Jackson. Is there a home for him? Should we keep him? What options are out there on the NBA trade market?
  • They’ll also discuss Central Michigan University’s Marcus Keene. David and Joey are CMU alumni after all! Does the nation’s leading scorer have a shot at making it to the NBA? Would the guys want to see him on the Detroit Pistons?
  • Lastly, they’ll chat a bit about Stan Van Gundy’s recent politically charged comments. Should athletes and coaches take a stand on political statements, or focus on sports?