ZardCast Ep. 43: Internet Beefs, Gross Loss to Denver, One Stop in Houston, Gilbert Arenas as Frank Abagnale for Stri

Today on ZardCast, CT, Dave and Duncan begrudgingly discuss the Washington Wizards as they haven’t been very fun to watch as of late. They start off by addressing Internet drama with a certain Bullets Forever blogger, what they’ll discuss when the season ends prematurely, a gross loss to the Denver Nuggets, a wild win in Houston and being overmatched in Oklahoma City. Later, the podcast gets back to its roots by discussing the young adult fiction genre, Kevin Durant possibly going to the Warriors, Gilbert Arenas as the Frank Abagnale of strip clubs, John Wall’s third All Star Game and a February schedule that looks far more promising than January’s slate.

Topics discussed include:
Duncan explains his beef with Jake WhitacreThe guys throw out ideas for what to do on the podcast whenever the Wizards season is actually over. CT suggests the O.J. Simpson drama, Dave insults the listeners and wants to read his TV pilotsWizards lose a gross one to the Denver Nuggets. Duncan says this was an awful match-up and says no one should’ve watched thisWashington wins a wild one in Houston, get ONE defensive stop and hang onto the winNene and Dwight Howard are both ejectedThe guys hate how the referees are always the focus in Rockets games between the cynical play of Howard and James HardenThe pod gets back to its roots by discussing young adult fiction. Duncan watched Insurgent, CT is excited to watch Mockingjay, Part 1 on Amazon PrimeThe Oklahoma City Thunder smashed the Wizards