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ZardCast Ep. 45: Ironic or Coincidental?

Today on ZardCast, the guys return to talk about the Washington Wizards big move for Markieff Morris at the trade deadline, an up-and-down start after the All Star break, Garrett Temple’s Temple Run, a packed “This Week in John Wall” and much more.

Topics discussed include:
The guys are back! They took off a week for the All Star Game, CT was in Florida this weekThe Wizards are players at the trade deadline once again, bringing in Markieff MorrisErinie Grunfeld disrespects the draftWashington signs J.J. Hickson. The guys know nothing about him, but he’s not DeJuan Blair so it’s okCT doesn’t remember watching the Utah Jazz game, was engrossed by a Terps loss instead. Dave doesn’t remember a whole lot eitherIt was ironic and coincidental that Markieff played his brother Marcus Morris in his first game for the WizardsWhich parts of the Alan Morrisette song “Ironic” is actually ironyCT overreacts to the Zards losing to Miami on Twitter, but still mostly stands by his overreactionWizards beat the Pelicans. New Orleans is garbage. John Wall able to notch a triple double on a poor shooting night