ZardCast Ep. 11: It’s Hotdog Time

Today on ZardCast, the guys meet up to host a hotdog eating contest between Duncan, Listener Mike and CourtDog. The three competitors attempt to eat as many hotdogs as possible during the course of the pod. Meanwhile, CT, Dave and Max discuss the Wizards 3-0 week and their advantageous position in the Eastern Conference. 

Topics discussed include:
Hotdog eating contest between Duncan, Mike and CourtDogThe rules of the contest are explained and the competitors sit down for a pre-contest interviewMax introduces the eaters and they each get their own theme musicThe Wizards right the ship, going 3-0 on the weekDave correctly predicts they’d go 3-0First hotdog updateThe Wizards treat the Hornets like the bad team they areWatching at home vs. at the Phone BoothWizards trounce the Grizzlies, given