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Keen Draft Profiles #6: Beefy Ellenson

“Beef Wellington has to be the ultimate indulgence.  It’s one of my all-time favorite main courses, and it would definitely be on my last supper menu. 

My version is a lot lighter and sexier…


  • Chef Gordon Ramsay





6’10” • 242 lbs. • 7’2” WINGSPAN

Henry VI

Henry Ellenson is a true freshman F/C who plays for the Marquette Golden Eagles. He’s a giant white guy, so people automatically try to compare him to the two Brians, or Brian Cardinal and Brian Scalibrine. It’s like in NFL Draft coverage, whenever there’s a white running back who’s being discussed as a possible draft pick, they just assume he’s going to be like Mike Alstott, the only other white running back they can think of. In reality, Ellenson possesses much better athleticism than either of the Brians; he’s not 6’11” version of me is what I’m saying.

His skills on offense are impressive considering his age and size as a stretch-four. He’s very effective in transition because of his ability to fill lanes and finish around the basket. A surprising part of his game is his knack for putting the ball on the deck and driving to the basket. As I said earlier, he’s a good finisher. Ellenson tends to shoot floaters within six feet with a fairly high success rate, and can finish through contact. He’s good at the freethrow line for his size, shooting .733 percent on the season. His skills are on display in this video against Xavier, who is currently ranked No. 5 in the country right now.


His weaknesses are defensive play and rash decision making, the latter of which is a common problem when you’re 19 like Ellenson is. I mean, when I was 19, my rash decisions included urinating down the stairs of a bar because the bathroom line was too long, chasing tequila shots with Dr. Pepper, smoking cigarettes inside of my own apartment, and stealing exit signs and halogen lights throughout my dorm blackout drunk, so I can’t really fault him for turning the ball over sometimes or shooting too early into the shot clock.


On an aside, I always wonder if my real-life decision making would’ve made me impossible to draft. If I was a 6’11” power forward who could run the floor, I’m guessing I’d probably be a lot like Johnny Manziel minus the domestic violence. TMZ would have just camped out next to my dorm room balcony waiting for me to either puke or pee off of it before yelling something obscene and launching a projectile (probably a full beer can) at some unsuspecting passerby.


hi-res-afbed502065a9f0c99b817b3c9367c2b_crop_exactAnyway, Ellenson is bad on defense because he doesn’t know what proper defensive posture looks like. He’s been able to get away with just being super tall his whole life so he hasn’t actually developed much for a defensive skill set. He’s not a great wing defender especially, and he’s not particularly effective as a rim protector. He’s gonna need to improve this if he wants to be a solid rotation player as an NBA rookie, which I think he has the potential to be. An indicator of this is his immediate effectiveness as a freshman for Marquette. This tends to be a good sign for a player’s translation into the next level, so I’ll assume he’ll be a decent role player immediately, but hell, what do I know? I haven’t watched enough of Marquette this year to know how good this kid is gonna be.

Is he gonna be a super star?

“I don’t know.”

Is he gonna bust?

“I don’t know.”

What kind of role could he fill for an NBA team?

“What is this, 20 Questions?”

I feel like an extra in Law & Order: SVU. I already told you that I don’t know! Dumb people are saying he’s like Dirk just because he’s tall and white and can hit threes, so fine, fuck it, he’s the next Dirk!

“Just leave me alone! I have a family!”

“Don’t hurt me!”


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