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The only Los Angeles Lakers show that uses analytics to run a perfect pick-and-roll straight into your ears. Whatever that means.


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Before you trip out on some tryptophan, catch the trip-dub fever and usher in the Thanksgiving season with one last, #LIT Lakers Legacy episode before the Turkey comes to roost! #what Time Marks: * (7:23)  - Lakers News * (12:48) - Pelinka Looking For Shooters? * (17:30) - Lonzo Ball "Walking Away" Fiasco * (25:11)  - Nuggets Win Recap * (32:31)  - Lonzo Progress Report (Why There Are Still Real Concerns In Spite of The Flashes) * (48:10)  - Brandon Ingram Progress Report (Ingram Showing Consistency) * (54:55)  - Kyle Kuzma Progress Report (KuzMamba Rises)

The Lakers are 5-5. They have a better record than Lebron James' Cavs and Paul George's Thunder. Justtt as we expected! How did we come to this point, who do we credit, and JUST how REAL are the "good" Lakers? We get into it

We've made it. We're here. It's about time. Tis LIT, indeed. NBA REGULAR SEASON. REAL LAKERS BASKETBALL. Join us as we prep you for the start of the Lakers 2017-18 season by giving out our all-encompassing predictions on the team and individual players as a while! Time Marks: * (8:20) - Lakers' News Roundup * (11:24) - Lakers Best Rotation + Where Kuz Fits? * (18:43) - Final Season Record Prediction * (24:06) - Awards Predictions (MVP, MIP, 6MOY, etc.) * (38:19) - Core Players' Stat Predictions * (55:06) -  BOLD Predictions * (1:00:41) - Roster Minutes Distribution

REAL BASKETBALL. It wasn't exactly the prettiest (especially on the defensive end), but it was still REAL LAKERS BASKETBALL. And that's all you really need to hear to get even semi-LIT for the soon-to-be start of the regular season!! Join us as we give our live, raw instant reaction of the Lakers' first Preseason Game vs the Wolves.