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This is the final podcast episode BEFORE the 2017 NBA Draft AND before Lonzo Ball AND Paul George become Lakers. Nothing exciting is happening in the NBA or Lakers Land in general. Trust Us. Here are all of the 'non-happenings': (03:17) - Reactions to BOS - PHILA Fultz Trade & How It Affects the Lakers. (12:37) - Debating Hinkie's Trust The Process Strategy. (19:22) - How Real Was the Lakers' Interest in Fultz? Why the Workout Leaks? (28:32) - Paul George Mass Chaos (32:51) - Is This A Ploy to Really Get PG LA or to Get The Cavs & Bos to Trade For Him

*SPECIAL GUEST ALERT*  We are now officially about 2.5 degrees of separation away from Lonzo Ball! This is OUR version of "Before the Fame", "Beyond the Glory", as we welcome on former Chino Hills Basketball Coach (and Lonzo Ball's former coach) Steve Baik to talk ALL things coaching, Lonzo, Big Baller, and Lakers

LONZO BALL HATER ALERT?? Not really, but we've got some debating to do. Here's the sitch: So Writer/Blogger/Draft Analyst Marc Whittington wrote a 3-Part piece for the Sixers' Liberty Ballers website entitled "Lonzo Ball Is Not a Lead Guard." That piece subsequently threw Lakers Twitter for a loop and since then, a very well corroborated rebuttal piece penned by LakerFilmRoom's Tim aka Cranjis was written in response to Marc's. Join us this episode as we give Marc the platform to clear the air on his own Lonzo Ball analysis, give his deeper thoughts on Lonzo as a prospect, as well as debate with us on the GOOD and the BAD that comes with drafting the league's most unique prospect in a long time! 5:34 - Marc Whittington's Big Board + Trading into the Later Lottery? 16:36 - Debating Lonzo Ball. "Lonzo Ball Is Not A Lead Guard" Article VS Cranjis McB's Rebuttal + Deeper Dive Opinions. 55:56 - #28 Pick Prospects - Jordan Bell, Bam Adebayo,

APAULCALYPSE NOW has begun! AND the Lakers still have their #2 Pick! Could we possibly get the BEST of ALL worlds?? Join us as we discuss: 6:58 - Lakers News - Fultz Workout? 9:38 - aPaulcalypse Now - Woj, Amick, Pacers losing leverage 35:57 - #2 Pick Options, Trade Down, Kristaps? 44:26 - DLO Trade (?) & Fit w/ Lonzo 50:02 - Lonzo Ball Game/Fit Breakdown

Continuing our 38-part BBC Mini-Series "Paul George to the Lakers", in this episode - we dine with the enemy and talk to someone from The Other Side who can give us a more objective and realistic perspective on Larry Bird, a Paul George Trade, the Pacers' Outlook, and what Pacers Fans are feeling. Listen up as Indiana Pacers' "8 Points, 9 Seconds" Co-Expert/Writer Hunter Kuffel joins our show to shed some light on ALL things Indiana Pacers, Paul George, and the Lakers' role in all of that. Intro + Paul George & Disneyland rides. - (0:00) Interview w/ Pacers "8 Points, 9 Seconds" Hunter Kuffel - (6:55) LLP Interview Recap - (33:25) Lakers Front Office Continues to Clean House Up Top - (40:09) Chad Ford - Lakers Would Take Lonzo Ball over Fultz at #1?? - (51:31)

The 2016-17 Lakers Season is OFFICIALLY in the books! BUT DEF. NOT for the Lakers Legacy! #FlashUsOutside #HowBowDah The fun is just beginning, as far as we're concerned! Join us as we properly Book-End the Lakers Season by: Giving our General Sentiments/Thoughts on the Season as a whole. Recap the Lakers' Exit Interviews Hand Out End of Season Player Awards + Look Back On Our Preseason Predictions to see just how WRONG (or RIGHT?) we were!