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 Youtube’s FunkyDiabetic discusses NBA teams, players, and coaches, then to wrap things up, he touches on movies, tv shows, music, and any other media that interests him.

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Is Kobe top 5 all time? Top 10? Brockhampton are definitely top 1 right now though

Is Lavar Ball right about Luke Walton's coaching? When should we stop listening to Lavar? Then I dive into my favorite rap albums of 2017, as well as some I didn't mess with as much

How did Isaiah Thomas look in his first game with the Cavs? Is Dedication 6 a return to form for Lil Wayne?

The OKC Thunder have won 6 in a row, have they flipped the switch? After his new album Revival, should we get excited for Eminem anymore?

Which Celtics forward will be better? Was Star Wars: The Last Jedi trash or not?

In the first half, I look at the good and bad of Dennis Schroder to determine if he can grow into a leader for the Atlanta Hawks, and then I give my concerns, excitements, and prediction for Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Has The Cavs' recent surge propelled Lebron to the top of the MVP discussion? Also who's the worst Wu Tang member? Who's the best? I rank the members of the Wu and break my heart while doing so

(First 19 minutes) Can John Wall and the Wizards internally improve to title contention or do they need to make changes? Also, is Call of Duty's newest entry in the series really the game we all wanted?

(First 12 minutes) Why Robert Covington's contract is such a bargain for the 76ers. (Rest of pod) My 5 favorite movies of this year, as well as a few I still enjoyed quite a bitSubscribe via iTunes -  https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/nba-stuff/id1314240813?mt=2Subscribe via Google Play - https://play.google.com/music/m/Iv4z2t5i5635mvtm67gkyd3ibby?t=NBA__Stuff

Does the 16 game winning streak mean the Celtics are legit? Also what should we expect from Eminem's new album?Subscribe on iTunes - https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/nba-stuff/id1314240813?mt=2

Checking in on Brandon Ingram's improvement from his rookie season to sophomore season, and then ranking Jay-Z's albums

Will Karl-Anthony Towns and Andrew Wiggins ever realize their potential and win a title in Minnesota? + While I enjoyed Stranger Things 2, there were a few gripes that make it a drop off from season 1