ZardCast Ep. 52: No Seat at the KD Table, Ian Mahinmi Signs, #NicholasAnderson, A Lot of Wallowing

Today on ZardCast, CT, Dave and Duncan discuss the ups and mostly downs of Washington Wizards free agency, including not getting a shot at Kevin Durant, just missing out on Al Horford, settling for plan-D in Ian Mahimni, not knowing who Andrew Nicholson is (#NicholasAnderson), Jason Smith looking like the generic white player in NBA 2K and much more.

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Topics discussed include:
The guys are back to talk free agencyBig announcement: ZardCast will now be known as GoldCast, covering the guys’ new favorite team the Golden State WarriorsWhat mundane thing were you doing when Kevin Durant announced his decisionThe Wizards don’t get a meeting with Durant, when did the dream actually die? Was it ever realistic?Washington had a damn good shot at nabbing Al Horford, it hurts that he chose Boston a.k.a. EnTitled TownReactions to Durant going to Golden State: Dave is pumped to watch, Duncan is disappointed because he believes there will be fewer intriguing NBA games on the schedule this year