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On the NBA Beat Ep. 100: Celebrating the 100th Show

For this special episode, your hosts will break precedent and not write too much below the audio player. Most importantly, we sincerely appreciate the myriad contributions to our project and made this episode to help spell those out. It’s a long episode, but one which we hope you’ll find well worth your while.

Interview Time Stamps:

13:30-23:40: Lang Whitaker

44:24-51:50: Andy Liu

52:40-57:35: Justin Faudree

58:40-1:06:10: Josh Baumgard

1:06:40-1:13:30: Dan Feldman

1:14:35-1:22:10: Nick Denning

1:24:20-1:29:15: Adena Jones (formerly Andrews)

1:30:40-1:41:05: Michael Pina

1:42:20-1:51:20: Chris Axmann

A few other notable features:

24:15-27:00: Fun Fact Montage

27:16-44:20: Andy Liu Montage

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Music: “Who Likes to Party” by Kevin MacLeod