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Dave DuFour hosts one of the most entertaining and informative basketball podcasts covering the NBA and occasional off-topic ramblings.


Latest Episode:


James Holas, Chris Axmann, and Oliver Maroney join Dave for a raucous reaction pod to the first wave of NBA Free Agency.

James Holas and Oliver Maroney join Dave to talk about NBA free agency stuff and Oliver's H-O-R-S-E challenge to Lou Williams.

Black Tray and James Holas join Dave to break down the big Chris Paul trade to the Houston Rockets and to talk about the Knicks parting ways with Phil Jackson.

Mike Visenberg, from NBADraft.net, joins Dave for a very, very, very early look at the 2018 NBA Draft class.

James Holas and Dave recap the NBA Awards show and other interesting basketball topics.

James Holas joins Dave to go over the latest news and rumors from around the NBA.

Adam Stanco, host of The Forty Year Coach and Great Point Podcast, joins Dave to figure out all of the winners and losers of the NBA Draft.

Dave breaks down all of the NBA News and Rumors from yesterday. Subscribe on iTunes! 

Super emergency podcast to break down the Lakers / Nets and Hawks / Hornets trades from yesterday. Talking trade rumors with Oliver Maroney.

Tired of only hearing about the Lottery guys in the NBA Draft? ME TOO! So, I forced Cole Zwicker to talk to me about all of his favorite sleepers. Yes, we eventually get to some of the top guys. This is a must listen for any NBA Nerd.

The very first solo pod! Quick reaction to the David Griffin news and Jimmy Butler rumors!

Friend of the program and all around good dude, James Holas helps Dave breakdown the Finals victory for the Warriors and what it means for the Cavaliers and League going forward.

Mo Dakhil, host of the Jump Ball podcast, joins Coach Dave to discuss their impressions of the NBA Finals through the first two games, any adjustments the Cavaliers can make to force a competitive series, and the asterisk potential of a 16-0 Warriors championship. Subscribe on iTunes!

Mico Halili, host of Sports Desk on CNN Philippines, drops in for a short and sweet immediate post game reaction to Game 1 of the NBA Finals between the Warriors and Cavs. We also talk a tiny bit about Rihanna. Subscribe on iTunes! Follow Dave on Twitter