Ridin’ the Pine – 2017 NBA Playoffs Day 1: Just Keep Watching Ball. You’ll be Fine, You’ll be Fine.

Day 1 of RTP’s NBA Playoff Coverage with Hondo ‘n Ghee covering all 4 games on 4/15/17 with hot takes, shakes ‘n bakes, and blueberry pancakes. Paul George needs to be better, else Indiana’s going to get competitively swept. Feer the Deer Freak, and views from Lowry and DeRozan are empty. MEM and SAS features Waynes and DeWayne’s and a Boy named Kahwi. We close it out by praying for the Stiffel Tower and Foam at the mouth over Joe Johnson Isos in the Postseason. Looking ahead to game 2, stay with us here at RTP for literally everything you’ll ever need everyone.