Ridin’ the Pine – 2017 NBA Playoffs Day 4: Score More Al Hor For-d

Day 4 of RTP’s NBA Playoff Coverage with Hondo ‘n Ghee covering all 3 games on 4/18/17. No Drake gives Raptors a Boost as they take down the Deerboys. Chicago does the unthinkable, and get along with each other for 48 minutes. You can now find Zipser on Cereal Boxes, as Milk has been reserved for the Missing Al Horford. Gordon Hayward needs to learn how to play basketball again, and DeAndre’s Dreads finally have taken shape. Looking forward to NBA Thursday on Wednesday with all our Ballin’ Seattle Friends. Come and hang with us if you feel the need. You’ll get all the recaps here as well as some thon thon thon thon thon thons, so stay with us here at RTP for literally everything you’ll ever need everyone.