Ridin’ The Pine Ep. 23: NBA Weekly Recap – Will The Wizards Be A Top Seed In The East

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In this Episode, Hondo, Ghee, & STATGod pay tribute to Michael Jordan, followed closely by an indepth look into the RTP Top NBA Games of the Week. Later, we discuss the high and low notes of moments, stats, and any other insane fact about teams and players. Within this conversation, we talk about the Insane Plays of the Week as well as the NBA Oh Mans – Starters that log officially Z E R O Points. The Standings have shifted as the playoff picture nears, and after a brief back and forth between teams in the mix for a playoff hunt, we get into our Three Man Weave, talking about thoughts leading into All Star Weekend. Rounding it out with This Week in Basketball, not only do we share some league news, lighter news, and a glimpse into the week ahead, but we also debut the official STATGod SnackWRAP, brought to you by hairbun. The Ramblin Gambler returns for some absolute ramblin.

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