Ridin’ The Pine Episode 21: Week 11 NBA Weekly Recap – Carry On My Westbrook Son

Hondo ‘n Ghee keep Ridin’ with STATGod in this weeks NBA Recap episode speaking on the week of NBA action. Is there a rivalry in the league this season? Leading off with Gameplay and Weekly Highlights/Lowlights, we snap off our warmups for some incredible discussion on what the Standings Look like, and what is probably expected as of today. We shed light on the Snubs and Subs of the All Star Vote and its current impact on the landscape, and Ghee gets flat-lined in his Weekly NBA Advanced Social Media Stat Track Back Fat.

Closing out with Weekly Basketball News, and of course the BIG3 League as a whole, the boys will be back with some incredible findings and musings next week, so Stay With Us and Carry on my Westbrook Son.