Ridin’ The Pine Episode 22: Banana Boat Text Thread Is On Fire

Hondo welcomes back the butterfly MTG alongside STATGod ‘n Ghee as they share with you the week that was in the NBA. Highlights, lowlights, and everything Chicago Bulls, they got you covered. In our augmented segment, formerly the 3 Man Weave, the 4 on 3 is an example to be made of for NBA discussion: Who would beat Gobert / Giannis in a Chicken Fight in the pool? Who would win in a Royale Rumble between RoLo and the Mascots? Would a hot tub, second to only a time machine, be the locale for the NBA Rap Game to explode in this decade? Will Rajon Rondo be out of the league, and subsequently in the BIG-3 League after this season?

We round off some one of a kind content to bring you the news of the NBA, upcoming games, and our worst of the week ahead.

Ball don’t lie, Pods don’t cry. VERSACE VERSACE VERSACE.