Ridin’ the Pine Episode 31 – Dames Not Playin Wit You Lames

MTG is back to join the crew for a colorful discussion on the NBA. As the season ties it’s bow, we get it started with Corn Row Heroes, and Games of the week recaps. We then share our favorite plays and stats in which we take flight to Espana with Rubio Delight. We get into a Hefty 3 Man Weave capped by a discussion on ’17 Westbrook vs. MVP Kobe and how each would have fared this season on OKC’s current roster. We close it out with some NBA News and Jargon, but close it out in style with some mouthmade lazers, with Denver losing to OKC, so Let’s go Blazers as Dame’s not playing with you lames.

Shoutout to FanWide