Ridin’ the Pine NBA Finals Game 2 Recap: Haves and Cav Nots

KD and Steph are supernatural. They are straight up G’s with the Orange Ball in Hoop game. LeBron is now avoiding Media Availability, PG-13 is now having yet another baby with a stripper (congrats Lakers), and Derek Fisher is now behind bars! THE NBA FINALS just does this to people. Let’s get wet and wild with the Recap of Game 2 shall we? Hondo ‘n Ghee nose dive into a splish splash slippery game 2 where Cleveland and GSW battle it out for 2.5 quarters before the #dubnation pulls away midway through the 3rd. LeBron looked gased, and had very little help from his madman Kyrie. Love was featured until he wasn’t, and it just seemed that anything Cleveland could do, KD and crew could do better. There’s some incredible insight happening here, and what it is ain’t exactly clear!
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