Ridin’ the Pine NBA Finals Game 3 Recap: Dethrone the Throne of LeBrone

We did it, Reddit! Did we just witness the best game of the 2016-2017 NBA playoffs? Hondo ‘n Ghee believe we might have. This game is loaded with massive stat lines and a few Oh Manz in a critical game 3 performance. We pit the Oh Manz against each other to decide who would win in a game of one on one and competitive horse. We also devise a critical new stat called the FEPP we believe Draymond might be leading the league in. Hondo gets red in the face discussing how out of gas the Cavs are and why they aren’t playing their game. Make sure you follow Hondo’s colored shoe bet to bring home the bacon. Ghee learns the hard way that 35 is not an even number. If it’s not even, does it even exist? This episode is more explosive that Curry on the boards in game 3. Stay with us for more analysis of the competitive sweep. Raise the Broom!