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It's Pine time here at Ridin' the Pine. Live in Ballard, the boys come at you hard and ready with gasoline to light this NBA Awards Show up! It was unanimous here on the only show that you need that's covering the NBA Awards Show. MVP, 6MOTY, ROY, COTY, DPOTY, and MIP! You already know what it is. Like, Subscribe, share with your burrito maker, and salad shaker. Give us a rating on iTunes if it suites your fancy - we'd really appreciate it 🙂 Until next Pine, THE BOYS

Live from Atlas Kitchen and Lounge in Lower Queen Anne in Seattle, The Ridin' the Pine Crew hit the road for a broadcast of the draft full of raw emotion and instant reactions. We go hard through the Lottery, and as results settle in, we switch to talk about the pulse surrounding the NBA in collaboration with FanWide and NBA Scouting Live. Sean digs in on what FanWide is and the mission that its living, and Richard from NBA Scouting Live shares his 2017-2018 NBA Almanac and his view on the state of the draft process and prospects fitting certain teams. Dig in with us. It is officially offseason time. We will have so much new content for you, we're gearing up for new heights. Tell your friends, and pizza maker dudes. Rate on iTunes. Like, Subscribe, and Share as much and as often as you eat mom's spaghetti.

DJ Khalid always knows what to say. Hondo 'n Ghee complete the quest of questing for the answer to the question in question: Who would win the NBA Finals? We got the answer right here, I believe. We conclude the 2017-2018 NBA Season recapping and highlighting Game 5 of the NBA Finals in Oracle Arena where KD, Curry, and Javale McGee take down LeBron, JR Smith, and the Cavs for a Series Final 4-1 Victory! It was a great ride throughout the season. I'm elated that you stuck with us or picked us up whenever you did. Be sure to follow along with us on Almighty Baller Radio and Dash Radio for some incredible offseason plans we have in store for you all as well as some incredible adventures into the new as we ascend into the NBA Offseason! Forever yours.

We did it, Reddit! Did we just witness the best game of the 2016-2017 NBA playoffs? Hondo 'n Ghee believe we might have. This game is loaded with massive stat lines and a few Oh Manz in a critical game 3 performance. We pit the Oh Manz against each other to decide who would win in a game of one on one and competitive horse. We also devise a critical new stat called the FEPP we believe Draymond might be leading the league in. Hondo gets red in the face discussing how out of gas the Cavs are and why they aren't playing their game. Make sure you follow Hondo's colored shoe bet to bring home the bacon. Ghee learns the hard way that 35 is not an even number. If it's not even, does it even exist? This episode is more explosive that Curry on the boards in game 3. Stay with us for more analysis of the

KD and Steph are supernatural. They are straight up G's with the Orange Ball in Hoop game. LeBron is now avoiding Media Availability, PG-13 is now having yet another baby with a stripper (congrats Lakers), and Derek Fisher is now behind bars! THE NBA FINALS just does this to people. Let's get wet and wild with the Recap of Game 2 shall we? Hondo 'n Ghee nose dive into a splish splash slippery game 2 where Cleveland and GSW battle it out for 2.5 quarters before the #dubnation pulls away midway through the 3rd. LeBron looked gased, and had very little help from his madman Kyrie. Love was featured until he wasn't, and it just seemed that anything Cleveland could do, KD and crew could do better. There's some incredible insight happening here, and what it is ain't exactly clear! Subscribe, share, like, tweet, retweet, remix, chex mix. @ridin_thepine @howthree @gheedota @vexedintellects @ABPNRadio

Hondo 'n Ghee Wake up from Hibbertnation to Watch the Summit of the NBA as Golden State faces up against Cleveland in Game 1 of the NBA Finals!

Hondo 'n Ghee go into the night live in Ballard at VennCast Studios to talk Day After Live Delayed Reactions to Game 4 between Cleveland and Boston. 95 of Ky Jelly, LeDong, and Love vs. 99 Marcus Smarts. Smart reverts back to Original Spice. Oh-Man Amir doesn't play due to leather ass prints from the Lounge. This game had a lot of momentum swinging in Boston's favor, but Kyrie caught fire in the 3rd, and LeBron's muscle memory kicked in for the final stretch to seal this game with a miss(ed) dunk. Game 5 is going going, back back, to Boston Boston.

Is LeBron just playing with his food? LeBron Lost a Playoff game ladies and laddies! ALL HAIL BRAD AND HIS COLLECTIVE OF SOULS! On Tonight's Episode: Hondo 'n Ghee dive into the world of Cereal and how it resembles these NBA Playoffs so far. Marshmellow Mateys or Lucky Charms? Whatever your choice, Marcus Smart is an absolute Marshmellow - Bless up, Fam! Love with an incredible first half, absent in second. Kyrie with a decent first half, irrelevant in second. Something forced their hand, and we truly wonder what was the motivation behind this loss for the Cavs? Make them restless, or uncomfortable? Congrats on #notgettingswept. Hopefully this is a good sign of things to come, but is it? Isaiah Thomas is out for the remainder of the playoffs, and you win without him? I DO NOT KNOW WHAT TO THINK ABOUT THE CELTICS ANYMORE.

WOAH BALLAZ, we got ourselves an Eastern Conference Finals matchup featuring the Lebrons vs. the awwww ain't they cutes! This is a non series. This is almost near must not watch Television. Cleveland has depth and death, Boston has scrappy guards, willpower, and a six foot hole for them to fall into. We go light on commentary, and hard on hope that things will get better for us basketball junkies!

Hondo 'n Ghee 'n MTG take on Game 1 of the WCF between having Kawhi and not having Kawhi. We then get into it with a little sigourney weavin singing don't stop beWeaving in our segment - the 3 Man Weave, which is apparently a basketball drill, and not part of the Kama Sutra. Yo, let's be real here

Day 31 of RTP's NBA Playoff Coverage with Hondo 'n Ghee starts with a conversation about bouncers and ends in a complete cliff hangar as the team that shall not be named will be facing up against the Boston Celtics in the Eastern Conference Finals. Wizards have a lot to tip their wizzardy hats to, but something has to change in the mentality of their star players. STICK to the offense- stick to what got you here. Boston

Day 7 of RTP's NBA Playoff Coverage with Hondo 'n Ghee covering all 3 games of 4/21/17. Boston was expected to show up sometime. Harden went full Westbrook shot a bunch of shots, and despite white boy jumpman billboard Hayward, Chris Paul had a game of games, and one that you'll need to hear our midnight snack take shake on. You'll always get all the recaps here so stay with us here at RTP for literally everything you'll ever need everyone.