Ridin’ The Pine 2017 NBA Playoff Podcast – Day 39: The Closer, LeDonger, and The Butler

Hondo ‘n Ghee go into the night live in Ballard at VennCast Studios to talk Day After Live Delayed Reactions to Game 4 between Cleveland and Boston. 95 of Ky Jelly, LeDong, and Love vs. 99 Marcus Smarts. Smart reverts back to Original Spice. Oh-Man Amir doesn’t play due to leather ass prints from the Lounge. This game had a lot of momentum swinging in Boston’s favor, but Kyrie caught fire in the 3rd, and LeBron’s muscle memory kicked in for the final stretch to seal this game with a miss(ed) dunk.

Game 5 is going going, back back, to Boston Boston.