Ridin’ the Pine – NBA Finals Preview Day 45: Throw some Apostrophes in There

Day 45… really? Hondo, and the other guy, and the other guy get together for a Finals Preview just in time for the NBA Finals. We almost missed it due to it going by so fast, thank the lord and savior Jesus Shuttlesworth for all this time off to catch our breath. Tonight we dine, we dine in 1-4 Steph/KD Pick ‘n Rolls. WE feast on the fast break with Love Knuckle Punching 20 yard throws to LeBron for some layins… Yo LeBron – Dunk that Jazz.

Finals are set to be some of the most epic ball you’ll ever see, and we will be here after every game to break it down it its entirety or summary or at least state that it happened here on RTP on the Almighty Baller Network and now on Dash Radio!