RIDIN’ THE PINE – 2017 NBA PLAYOFFS DAY 36: Lucky Charms ‘n LeBron’s Arrogance

Is LeBron just playing with his food? LeBron Lost a Playoff game ladies and laddies! ALL HAIL BRAD AND HIS COLLECTIVE OF SOULS! On Tonight’s Episode: Hondo ‘n Ghee dive into the world of Cereal and how it resembles these NBA Playoffs so far. Marshmellow Mateys or Lucky Charms? Whatever your choice, Marcus Smart is an absolute Marshmellow – Bless up, Fam! Love with an incredible first half, absent in second. Kyrie with a decent first half, irrelevant in second. Something forced their hand, and we truly wonder what was the motivation behind this loss for the Cavs? Make them restless, or uncomfortable? Congrats on #notgettingswept. Hopefully this is a good sign of things to come, but is it? Isaiah Thomas is out for the remainder of the playoffs, and you win without him? I DO NOT KNOW WHAT TO THINK ABOUT THE CELTICS ANYMORE. THIS PLUS 1st Pick FULTZ? Help me understand this Fruity Loopy Situation, folks!