Ridin’ the Pine’s 2017 NBA Playoff Podcast – Day 31: Kelly Olynyk Jesus Christ Almighty Baller

Day 31 of RTP’s NBA Playoff Coverage with Hondo ‘n Ghee starts with a conversation about bouncers and ends in a complete cliff hangar as the team that shall not be named will be facing up against the Boston Celtics in the Eastern Conference Finals.
Wizards have a lot to tip their wizzardy hats to, but something has to change in the mentality of their star players. STICK to the offense- stick to what got you here. Boston… I have no idea what the hell Olynyk had for breakfast, but it probably involved spinach. Marcus Smart was unstoppable as well, and this Boston team is easy to doubt, but hard to scratch off. Good luck to them. By the way, they have the best odds at the first pick in the NBA. Add that to this team? Verrrrrryyy interesting development to come for Boston, but until then… watch them get swept.
Get well soon, Kawhi.
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