Salt City Hoops Ep. 174: Quick Ekpe Udoh Report from Greece’s George Orfanakis

After a flurry of Utah Jazz signings, Salt City Hoops welcomes a European hoops journalist to talk about what the Jazz are getting with the addition of 2010 lottery pick Ekpe Udoh. Fans probably know a bit about Thabo Sefolosha and Jonas Jerebko, but Udoh has spent the last two seasons overseas, and as such might be less familiar to SCH readers. writer George Orfanakis joins the podcast all the way from Greece to talk about Udoh’s performance of the recently crowned Euroleague Final Four MVP. George has watched and spoken with Udoh and joins SCH associate editor Dan Clayton to talk about Udoh’s skills and character — and it’s a glowing review.

Bonus quote: A few minutes after we wrapped, George remembered a quote by Zeljico Obradovic, Udoh’s coach at Fenerbahçe. Just after securing the Euroleague title, the coach was asked by a reporter what people don’t know about the new Jazz man. Here was his response:

“His concentrations is something that it is difficult to find in today basketball. He is a guy that listens, is focused. I really had to say everything just one time to him, whether on offense or defense. He is incredibly concentrated”