DG Courtroom Season 1 Ep. 10: Which Star Shall Shine Brightest Monday?

The Judge (AKA Daniel Green, @DanielAGreen1) is back and ready to kick off 2017 with some GPP glory!  We have a super sexy 8 game slate on Monday, as all the top stars are in action (and all expensive).  The Judge begins the show by recapping Chambers (who shall step up and challenge the Judge!) and by detailing the notorious dreamkillers and coveted dreamlovers.  Then, we stop quickly in Vegas (lines, over/unders) before diving directly in to the top plays at each position.  There is no time to waste on Monday, as each position is littered with viable players who could smash value.  Which star does the Judge like the best?  Does the Judge prefer a stars/scrubs lineup or mid-tier guys?  How do you drink a smoothie without a straw?  Which value guy will be unleashed on Monday: Brogdon, MCW, Jennings, Hood, Harris, Holiday…?  There is only one way to get the answers to the questions you crave: listen to the show and #TrustTheJudge.