DG Courtroom Season 1 Ep. 11: It’s Jimmy’s World

The Judge (AKA Daniel Green, @DanielAGreen1) is back to discuss a bizarre Monday – where every superstar underwhelmed – and to help guide us through Tuesday’s 8 game slate.  We begin the show by discussing last night’s Chambers and the infamous dreamkillers and coveted dreamlovers.  Then, the Judge details all the injury news for Tuesday before flying to Vegas (where we discuss lines, over/unders).  Then, the Judge lets you know which teams to attack based on pace and DvP.  Finally, the Judge gives you the secret sauce – details the top plays at each position.  Do we dare play Wall v. Dallas? What about IT2 v. Utah?  Can we continue to trust the Miami dynamic duo of J RIch and JJ?  How will Embiid play vs. Towns?  Will Kawhi and/or LMA be a soulcrusher on Tuesday?  Did the Judge finally get a straw with his smoothie?  The answers to all these questions and more…is revealed in this episode.  Enjoy!