DG Courtroom Season 1 Ep. 12: No Straw For The Judge + No Mins For TJ Warren

The Judge (AKA Daniel Green, @DanielAGreen1) is back to help you dominate Wednesday’s 7 game slate.  We begin the show by discussing where to buy a straw and then more importantly, last night’s Chambers results.  Next, the Judge hammers home the night’s dreamkillers and dreamlovers while recapping the games.  Then, it’s injury news for Wednesday before a quick flight to Vegas (we’re at a VIP table at the Hard Rock) where we discuss lines and over/unders.  After that, the Judge lets you know which teams to target due to pace.  Finally, the Judge brings out the gavel to issue final rulings on the top plays at each position.  Will Westbrook bounce back Wednesday?  Do we trust CJ @ GS?  Do we dare pay over 9K for Jimmy Buckets?  Can Showtime Reed be stopped by Cousins?  The answers to all these questions and more is revealed in this podcast.  Enjoy!