DG Courtroom Season 1, Ep. 25: The Tin Man Strikes yet Again and Again and Again

The Judge (AKA Daniel Green, @DanielAGreen1) is back to recap Wednesday night’s action, and to help us prepare for Thursday’s slate.  The Judge begins the show by discussing Chambers’ winners, dreamkillers, and dreamlovers.  Then, we turn our focus to the 4 game Thursday slate by discussing injuries and then flying to Vegas (blackjack table at Hard Rock).  The Judge discusses the lines and over/unders of each game, and then he talks about which games to target based on pace.  Finally, the Judge hammers home the top plays at each position: Do we want to play to play Westbrook @ (turtle emoji) Dallas?  Do we want to roster #OneTrickPony Booker at his absurd price becasue SG is terrible?  Same question except insert Wiggins.  Do we dare fade king of the world Jokic?  Will PJ Tucker defend and shut down Jokic on Thursday?  Will Towns redeem himself from his 18 straight minutes of hiding in a corner in his last game?  Do we stack Phx/Den in cash games?  The answers to these questions and more shall be revealed in this episode.  Enjoy!