DG Courtroom Season 1 Ep. 6: Power Forward, Anyone?

The Judge (AKA Daniel Green, @DanielAGreen1) is back after a Wilson Chandler #soulcrushing night to help us all make sense of Tuesday night’s scary 4 game slate.  The Judge begins the show by praising those who have made the latest Chambers’ Power Rankings, and those who won the daily Chambers’ Tournaments on Monday.  Next, the Judge lays down the hammer on Monday night’s #dreamkillers and #dreamlovers.  Then, we dive in to: injury news for Tuesday, Vegas lines + spreads, and teams to attack based on pace for Tuesday.  Finally, we move on to the crowd pleaser section of the show – the top plays at each position.  Do we finally fade Westbrook at 13K? Is it finally time to attack Memphis and/or Utah and if yes, then how?  How in the world do we play 2 power forwards on FanDuel!?! Listen to the show…and the Judge shall answer these complex questions and more.