DG Courtroom: Season 2, Ep. 39: The Judge Gets You Ready For a 10 Game DFS Battle on Wed

The Judge (AKA Daniel Green, @DanielAGreen1) is back and a tad irriated from the start since he did not play John Wall on Tuesday.  However, once the anger subsides, the Judge lauds praise to Tuesday’s glorious Chambers’ winners.  He also briefly discusses how the Ghost of Ersan scored 50 FD pts, while Sergio destroyed our dreams with 10 FD pts last night.  Next, the Judge dives in to the over/under for each of the 10 games on Wednesday, and let’s you know which teams are playing up in pace.  Then, the Judge moves on the the important business of the day – providing the top plays at each position for the monster 10 game slate on Wednesday.  All the stars are in action, and the slate is highlighted by a dream DFS matchup of Golden State at the Clippers.