DG Courtroom: Season 2, Ep. 40: The Judge Seeks Justice For All On A Wicked 6 Game Slate

The Judge (AKA Daniel Green, @DanielAGreen1) is back and ready to seek justice for all on a cruel and unusual Thursday 6 game NBA DFS slate.  First, the Judge takes us back on a journey through Wednesday’s wacky night of NBA action, dissecting all the dreamkillers and soul crushers – including a quick synopsis of the snoozefest between Golden State and the Clippers.  Also, the Judge takes us on a Will the Thrill Barton type journey by discussing the Denver Nuggets debacle.  Then, the Judge lauds praise on the Chambers’ winners and expresses shock how a LU with Bismack can actually win money.  Next, the Judge gets down to business, as he discusses every viable play at every position for Thursday’s very tricky 6 game NBA DFS slate.  The Judge reminds the jury that minutes shall equal money on Thursday, especially in cash games – and that we should remain vigilant in our pursuit of said minutes.  Good luck to all on Thursday!