ZardCast Ep. 10: Sometimes You Get Stroked, Sometimes You Get Spanked

Today on ZardCast, CT, Dave, Duncan and Max look back at a 1-2 week for the Washington Wizards, in which they fail to get back on track, though, remain in the thick of things for a top-four seed. The guys discuss the no-name NBAers who torched the Wizards, an epic meltdown against Miami, the infamous Otto Porter Vine, a mean comment on the site, poor restaurant experiences, Eastern Conference standings and much more. 

Topics include:
Top of the show generalities from this weekMax is over the regular season, Duncan is excited about it, Dave is encouraged by the WizardsWho’s your favorite no-name NBAer to torch the Wizards this week?The guys struggle to alphabetize the teams the Wizards played this week by mascot nameThe Bulls game is rough, a chance to turn things around against an injured Chicago team doesn’t pan outMarcin Gortat has a nice weekFriend of the podcast DMX will appear on the show in two weeks