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Welcome to the SuperFlight NBA Podcast, where your host Joe Borelli hangs out in his studio in Brooklyn, NY and interviews his friends about their favorite NBA teams. If you want deep analytics and professional break-downs on all of the NBA, please redirect yourself to another podcast. But, if you want to hear podcasters, writers and NBA personalities talk about their favorite teams, this is definitely the podcast for you!


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Keep net neutrality! That's the topic for the week and it's a short one so if you don't care about watching whatever you want, free information or this podcast (yes, this is a guilt trip), than fast forward to 6:00. After that, Daman Rangoola joins the show again to discuss the All NBA Teams, the Lakers getting the #2 pick in this year's lottery and Lottery conspiracy. Hang on to your hats, it's a good one! You can follow Daman on Twitter @Damanr

If you like 80's movies and soundtracks you should really listen to the first 8 minutes of this weeks show, as Joe breaks down one of his favorite new bands. After that, Espo joins the show to talk about the playoffs, the inevitability of the Warriors and Cavs showdown, the Boston and Washington series and why both teams can consider this season a success, something about really expensive shoes and more about the NBA draft lottery. If you like the Suns you should check that last bit out. Hang tight and enjoy the ride! You can follow Greg on twitter @Espo

Ever wonder what it's like to ride the NYC Subway? Well, Joe lay's it out for you in glorious detail this week on his opening ramble but if you just want to hear about the NBA skip to 8:30. After that, David Fernandez of Inside the Cylinder podcast comes on the show to talk about the Warriors potentially sweeping the Jazz and where the Jazz go from here, the Rockets and Spurs matchup, Cleveland being so done with Toronto and Washington vs Boston. Hang out and give a listen! You can follow David on Twitter @The_Fernantula and @InsideTheCylndr

This week, after Joe takes you on a joyous ride through life as an adjunct instructor in graduate school (fast forward to 8:40 if you want to skip this part), J.E. Skeets of The Starters drops a line to talk all things Raptors. For those of you who don't care about running, skip the first part but this is probably Joe's favorite subject these days. After that, Skeets gives his thoughts on the ESPN layoffs, podcasting and all things Raptors, plus a bit about some Western conference matchups and where the Clippers go from here. Enjoy! You can follow J.E. Skeets on Twitter @jeskeets and The Starters on NBA TV nightly.

Oh the Bulls, I mean really, what can you say? Oh, Joe and Tyler Pleiss of Blogabull have plenty to say about this playoff series. After Joe gives his weekly insight into his boring, yet somehow unceasingly odd, personal weekly adventures (9:30) Tyler Pleiss drops a line to talk all things Bulls, from last night's game to the future of the franchise and then more playoffs in general. It's a lot of fun so hang out an enjoy! You can follow Tyler on Twitter @Tyler_Peliss

NBA Playoffs! Yes, it's already started by the time you download this but who cares, NBA PLAYOFFS! Oh, there's also this opening about being a drunk teen in a band but if you want to skip that story and get right into the already outdated playoff talk skip to the 9:43 mark. After that, Joe has Tim Tompkins on the show from the Drive and Dish podcast to talk about some of the most interesting first round playoff matchups they can't wait to see and some random things about having a podcast, in general. Give a listen! You can follow Tim Tompkins on Twitter @RadioTimNBA

Ready for some nonsense about puppies and dogs? Well, listen to the first 6 minutes of the show, if not, skip to the 6:23 marker and get right into the basketball with Joe and returning guest, Daman Rangoola. This week, while everyone is busy talking about playoff seeding and matchups, Joe and Daman talk about the race to the bottom of the league and what that means for the Lakers specifically. Joe also talks about it distain for DLo's demeanor and goes down a Hinkie rabbit hole, a year after he left the Sixers. They finish up with some ROY talk (it has to be Embiid) and why Brogdon will probably get it over Saric. It's a great listen for your Monday commute, enjoy! You can follow Daman on Twitter @DamanR

This week, after Joe talks about mice in the fridge and a certain TV show he no longer watches (that he might start watching again), Chris Axmann joins the podcast to talk about Russell Westbrook and the MVP race. Be warned, Joe and Chris talk a little politics to open the show, so if you don't want their perspective on this, skip to the 12:30 mark and save yourself the anger of liberal musings. After that, there's talk about what "value" actually is, Nurkic's injury and well wishes for his former team, Melo's day's being numbered in New York and possible trades and a much of other random stuff. After they're done talking about the NBA, Chris makes a really BIG announcement about the network that you might be interested in. This episode was easily as much fun to make as it will be to listen to so enjoy! You can follow Chris Axemann on Twitter @AlmightyBallin and on the ABPN

After giving his nonsensical ramblings a week off last week, Joe's back with more ramblings about art and almost accidentally maiming a celebrity! If you want to skip this part, forward to the 7 minute mark in the podcast. After that, Salman Ali of Red Nation Hoops joins the show to talk about all thinks Houston Rockets, James Harden's MVP chances, 6th man award, Coach of the year and how far the Rockets will make it in the playoffs. Give a listen, it's a blast! Follow Salman on Twitter @RedNationHoops and http://rednationhoops.com

Well, no opening dialogue to worry about this week everyone, Joe decided to stick to the NBA instead. This week, Michael Keith from The FUZZ NBA podcast joins the show to talk about about the Cleveland Cavaliers, their terrible defense heading into the playoffs, LeBron's MVP candidacy, playoffs and MVP's in general. Enjoy! You can follow Michael Keith on Twitter @ohbuckvintage and @TheFUZZNBA

Boy, Joe says a whole lot of nothing this week in the opening ramble. If you want to skip that nonsense and get right to the good stuff, skip to the 8:39 mark. After that, James Holas joins the show to talk about some of the most exciting teams in the league

Well, you're in luck everyone, Joe's back for his second podcast of the week! If you want to skip Joe's weird diatribe about chivalrous behavior and passing judgement skip to the 8:00 minute mark of this episode. After that, Joe talks to Jordan Maly of the Debate-A-Bulls A Team podcast about the past, present and future of the Sixers and Bulls and how they're almost ready to gather an angry mob to protest their respective front offices. Give a listen! You can follow Jordan on Twitter @JordanCMaly and @debatabulls. Listen to the Almighty Baller Podcast Network on iTunes Listen and subscribe to ABPN podcasts at AlmightyBaller.com

Joe Borelli is real jerk. Wanna know why? Listen to the first 5:38 of this episode and you'll know. After that, Dan Marang of Blazers Edge and Trailing Blazers podcast joins the show to talk about the future of the Trail Blazers, and if they should actaully be aiming for the playoffs or if the should call in the tank immediatly. Joe and Dan also talk a bit about the parallels between the Blazers injuries of old and the current Sixers injury problems, the Noel trade and who the Blazers should keep between Dame and CJ. It's a fun, informational episode any fan of the NBA would enjoy. You can follow Dan Marang on twitter @DMarang and @TrailingBlazers Listen to the Almighty Baller Podcast Network on iTunes  Listen and subscribe to ABPN podcasts at AlmightyBaller.com

First, if you don't want to hear Joe ramble about drawing and finding his passion for antibotics, you should forward this podcast to 11:00. After that, Daman Rangoola joins Joe to talk about the Lakers and the jaw dropping events that have taken place in the last 24 hours. They also end up talking a little bit about Jalil Okafor (37:00) and about the DeMarcus Cousins trade (39:00) and how badly they feel for Kings fans, sorry guys. So hang out and enjoy! You can follow Daman on Twitter @damanr and check him out on 16 Wins a Ring. Listen to the Almighty Baller Podcast Network on iTunes  Listen and subscribe to ABPN podcasts at AlmightyBaller.com