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Hosted by Marc and Franco, the Swish Factor podcast covers the NBA world: from trades, rumors, and analytics, to triggered ex-players and passive-aggressive-LeBron-tweets.

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The Podcast is BACK!  I talk with Chris Axmaan of the Almighty Ballin' NBA Show about the Celtics win streak, the Cavs, and the Wizards. Check out the Almighty Baller Radio Network, which we have officially joined!  almightyballer.com Let us know what you thought of this episode! Reach out to us on social media! Marc: twitter.com/marcdjiang If you enjoyed this episode, leave a review! Preferably five-star, but even if you leave a one star, we love you nontheless. Sorta.

In this episode of the Swish Factor podcast, we talk about our first impressions from the first few nights of NBA action, react to players around the league, discover a mystery player, and much more. 0:00 - Gordon Hayward and Jeremy Lin injuries 3:57 - Where is Boston in the East now? 9:06 - Portland’s blow-out win over the Suns 14:12 - The Rockets and their 2-0 start 20:45 - Nick Young’s Warriors debut 23:28 - The Nets vs. Pacers recording-breaking game 26:48 - The Wizards’ victory over the 76ers 34:38 - The Pelicans loss to the Grizzlies 44:48 - Spurs defeat the new look T-Wolves 53:53 - OKC’s big 3 debut against the Knicks 1:01:17 - Takeaways from the Clippers vs. Lakers and Lonzo Ball’s debut 1:09:50 - The Hawk’s 1-0 start 11:13:28 - Dennis Smith Jr.’s impressive debut 1:15:00 - We predict the future  Let us know what you thought of this episode! Reach out to us on

(1:05) Who is the best player that will not be an All-Star this year? (3:22) What perennial all-Stars won’t make the cut this year? (4:11) What are the best and worst era of the NBA? (10:38) Are boneless wings chicken nuggets? (11:40) Should the NBA do top 16 teams in the playoffs? (16:15) Our thoughts on Kyle Kuzma (21:20) Who will be the face of the NBA in 5 years? 23:43: If KD gets injured, are the Warriors still the favorite in the Finals against any team? (27:20) If KD was injured in the 2017 Finals, would the Warriors still win? (29:14) Are the Clippers underrated and is Milos Teodosic a dark horse? (31:58) Is Brian Scalabrine still the greatest? (32:32) How long have you been an NBA fan? (34:44) Do you think Skal Labissiere could become an All-Star? (37:12) What is the best way to build a championship team: through the Draft, through trades, or through Free Agency? (40:41)

IN THIS EPISODE: Dwyane Wade to the Cavs, the NBA Draft Lottery reform, the issue of players resting, potential format changes to the playoffs and MUCH more. Let us know what you thought of the episode! DM us at instagram.com/swishfactor Franco: twitter.com/franc0cean instagram.com/franc0cean Marc: twitter.com/marcdjiang

In the DEBUT episode of the Swish Factor podcast, we cover Carmelo's trade to OKC, KD's impact on the NBA, teams we like and teams we don't like, and more.   (0:35) - Intro (1:10) - Melo to OKC 4:42: What does Melo want in his career? (5:44): What does this mean for the Knicks? 14:50: What does this mean for OKC? (23:49): Did KD make the NBA better by going to GSW? (28:41): Which teams do we like and not like