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In this week’s episode of Inside The Cylinder, David and Joey discuss the following Pistons Topics The Detroit Pistons “new” jerseys and the godforsaken new jersey sponsor/ad- Flagstar Bank Catching up on Brandon Jennings- the former Piston point guard and his move to the other side of the World We’ve got BLOCKBUSTER FANTASY TRADE PROPOSALS- could Kyrie Irving wind up a Detroit Piston? The guys will break down the proposed ESPN fantasy trade You've heard it before- but we’re talking the starting Small Forward and Power Forward slots; could Jon Leuer really find his way back into the starting lineup? Don’t forget to check out Conrad Burry’s Pistons Jersey Mockups! Which one do you think look better- the official jersey’s or Conrad’s? All this and more in this week’s episode of ITC! Listen and subscribe to Inside The Cylinder on iTunes! Follow Inside The Cylinder on Twitter at @InsideTheCylndr Listen and subscribe to ABPN podcasts at Almightyballer.com!