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In their last episode, Joey Mack and David Fernandez discussed the bottom dwellers of the Eastern Conference, focusing specifically on each team's individual off-season. David and Joe handed out grades, and predicted where they expect each team to finish next season. In this week's episode, they're continuing the off-season review series, and they're joined by a special guest, Duncan Smith of Piston Powered! Duncan is tuned into the pulse of Detroit Pistons Basketball, he sits down with David and Joey to discuss the following NBA clubs' off-seasons. Detroit Pistons Charlotte Hornets Miami Heat Philadelphia 76ers Milwaukee Bucks **** You can find Duncan on Twitter! You can find his work for Piston Powered here And don't forget to check out Redshirts Always die! **** Listen and subscribe to Inside The Cylinder on iTunes Follow Inside The Cylinder on Twitter! Listen and subscribe to ABPN podcasts at Almightyballer.com