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In this week’s episode, Joey and David are joined by Detroit Bad Boys’ Editor, Laz Jackson. They’ll be discussing the results of the NBA Draft Lottery. Who should the Pistons select at No. 12 overall? A guy that's ready to play immediately? Or should they select someone who’ll need more time to develop and may never pan out, but has a bigger upside? The guys will also talk  Isiah Thomas (Detroit) vs. Isaiah Thomas (Boston). Who would they take in the prime of their career? Who would they want to have the ball in their hands for the final possession? Will there be a SCORCHING HOT TAKE? In the latest edition of Pistons' News, Laz, Joey and David chat about the new Pistons logo. They also talk about some of the better logos/uniforms in the league, and which teams desperately need a refresh. Lastly, the guys get caught up on the current state of the NBA Playoffs. You can follow Laz on Twitter @LazChance, or on SB Nation's Detroit Bad Boys  at Lazarus Jackson. REMINDER: To submit questions, use the hashtag #AskITC on Twitter! Download and subscribe on iTunes! Follow Inside The Cylinder on Twitter at @InsideTheCylndr Listen and subscribe to Inside The Cylinder at Almightyballer.com