The Baseline Ep 151| Ben Mehic Joins| Wizards Struggles Out the Gate | 76ers Okafor Puts Hands On Fans| Dirk Nowitzki Finds Fountain of Youth

This week Ben Mehic from Wiz of Awes by Fansided and SI hops on to discuss why the Washington Wizards have struggled to put it together. In the Drop We take a look at the recent incidents w Jalil Okafor and his wild style behavior being revealed. How much of this on him? How much is on the organization and how its cultivated the culture in which their superstar plays under? We also look a Dirk Nowitzki who is sipping on that VINO and have the Mavs playing overachieving basketball. We also look at players who are Heading top categories in the must uncommon fields. We also breakdown all the news of the association with Coast to Coast. Keep us tuned to the Baseline NBA Podcast.