The Baseline Ep 153 | Jake Pavorsky Discusses How Jerry CoAngelo will Impact the Sixers | D-Will Last Exit from Brooklyn: Amicable or Jaded?

Jake Pavorsky from Liberty Ballers joins us to discuss breakdown the positive and possible negative impact of Jerry CoAngelo’s role with the Philadelphia 76ers. What this hiring can mean for GM Sam Hinkie and the overall future of the Sixers and the rumors of the Josh Harris ownership group. 

Also on ‘The Drop’ Shaw and I discuss the recent comments by former Brooklyn Nets Guard Deron Williams. It seems that rather than let by-gones be by-gones his latest comments give the perception that he seems a little salty about how he was perceived during his tenure in the BK. We weigh in on whether his thoughts carry merit. 


All on the latest episode of the Baseline NBA Podcast