The Baseline Ep 154 | NBA on Christmas | Running of the Bulls: Butler or Rose

This week we break down the primetime NBA Match-ups on Christmas Day We look at each of the 5 games slated to bring tides and cheers, and possible jeers. 

Also on the The Drop we dive into the dilemma brewing in Chicago. What was one Derrick Rose’s Team, may now be Jimmy’s Butler’s team but has his recent outburst to the media regarding the culture on the team depicted a different side to the budding superstar. Shaw and I weigh in 

We discuss the pending inductees of the 2016 Hall of Fame. Among the list Iverson, Shaq, but there is one who i think is deserving and my co-host believes is on the fence. We look at whether the The Dynasty Yao Ming is Hall of Fame Worthy. 

All this and more on the latest edition of the Baseline NBA Podcast.