The Baseline Ep 156 | Mark Boyle Discusses Evolution of Pacers| Aaron Preine Thinks Spurs Are Better than Expected | Baseline New Year’s Restotution

As we kick of the new year for 2016, we have two great guests on to discuss the unexpected success of Pacers and Spurs. Mark Boyle, Indiana Pacers radio play-by-play broadcaster and Aaron Preine from ProjectSpursCast join to breakdown two teams who have again evolved to catch up with today’s NBA Game. They’ll Explain How

Also Shaw and I give you New Years Restitution’s or “predictions” to look for in the upcoming new year. Some Name Droppings have been made, does that mean we are giving them new destinations Southwest Airlines can accommodate them to? Find out. 

We also go coast to coast, discussing the news and rumors happening in the association. A lot to ingest, so well make sure to balance the spiciness of Todays Show on The Baseline NBA Podcast.